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Building a successful brand requires cohesiveness and consistency. This is the reason I take a full-service approach to working with clients. This is why I don't typically only design logos or only build online stores, or only design spaces for clients. I provide all of the services needed to turn a project, product or service into a brand that people want to spend their time and money on. Depending on the individual project, some clients need all of these services, some clients don't. I am happy to provide however much you may need to reach your goals.

What is a brand package?

A branding package is a set of digital and physical elements developed to establish your brand's image and how people experience it. Each item in the package needs to reflect what your business does, who you are, who you do it for, and what your brand is promising to customers. A great brand package communicates a cohesive message across all channels (print, signage, website, business cards, social media, physical location, etc). Your brand successfully communicating a consistent message with excitement and interest is what defines and builds your brand, and most importantly, creates devoted lifetime customers.

What is Included in a brand package?

The brand packages I create for my clients include:

-Logo and Visual Identity

The logo is the cornerstone of your brand’s visual aesthetic and consequently will set the tone for the rest of the branding to follow. That is why it is so vitally important for you to love the logo I design for you, which is why I may end up doing dozens of options and revisions until we get it right. Ideally the logo design needs to be finalized before other branding elements are explored.

While a logo can contain a combination of text and images to represent your brand,  your style guide/brand guide defines your brand’s color palette, typography, variations of your logo, and any photography that embodies your brand's personality.

Together, your logo and visual identity illustrate who your brand is and how you're unique.

-Style Guide/Brand Guide

Developing a consistent brand starts with your style guide.

A style guide, also known as brand board, brand guidelines or a branding standards document, establishes the visual direction, mood, and voice of a brand’s website, marketing, signage, social media, and physical locations visited by your clients. It is a guide that governs the visual experience of your brand.

By having and using a style guide, you ensure you create a consistent visual brand experience that doesn’t confuse or fail to attract your audience.

Example brand boards/style guides:

Your style guide/brand board will include:


  • Primary and secondary versions

  • Color versions and greyscale application

  • Vertical and horizontal versions


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed. Typography is an important medium to connect who you are and how you communicate to the world. Each typeface (font) can convey a different feeling just as color conveys emotion. 

  • Rules and information regarding your typefaces and font system.

  • A list of typefaces used for your brand or custom typeface

  • Font system: How your fonts should be used

  • Type hierarchy: a combination of font styles for headings, body copy, etc


Color palette:

The consistent use of a beautiful color palette will reinforce the cohesiveness of your brand. Custom color palette specifically curated for your brand, along with your color palette’s color codes.



Image examples that reflect the mood and aesthetic of your brand


Graphic design elements: 

Custom graphic shapes, lines, patterns, or other elements that best compliment your brand identity. Icons that your brand can use on your website, app, packaging, etc.

-Business Cards

Business cards are an important part of making a good first impression. They convey professionalism, trustworthiness, and are a piece of your brand experience that you can hand directly to someone. That said, business card are no longer a significant source for people to find your address, contact information or website. For that reason I think it is important to include a QR code on business card so people can instantly connect with your website where all of your information is available, as well allowing them to connect directly to your phone number, email, and online store, with very little effort on their part.

-Website Design/Build

The websites I create for clients are built on platforms that​ make it easy for business owners to frequently update their online images and content without contacting a third party. No coding required!


Features that I build into sites for clients:

  • Unlimited content, images and video

  • Integrated email/email marketing

  • integrated social media marketing

  • Integrated instant messaging that will allow you to have seamless real-time communication with your customers

  • Integrated online booking

  • Integrated online reservations

  • Integrated online store with up to 600 products

  • Extensive analytics and reports

  • Inventory management, allowing for detailed product filtering and sorting, shipping, and many other integrations

  • The option to offer in-store pick-up, delivery or third party delivery

  • Integrated Google reviews and your own testimonial page

  • Integrated Google Maps

  • Optimized for desktop and mobile use

  • Completed basic SEO

These are the most commonly requested features, but there are dozens of additional apps and integrations that can be added to a site to meet the needs of almost any client.

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