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People do not buy goods & services.
They buy relationships, stories & magic  -Seth Godin


Something that is referred to as a "cult classic" is typically a product, brand, movie or book that has acquired a cult-like following. Cult brands are known for their dedicated, passionate fanbase which sometimes even form elaborate subcultures.

Cult brands have achieved a unique connection with customers. They have created a consumer culture that people want to be part of. Cult brands often start with a group of dedicated followers who enthusiastically spread the brand's message on their own, out of a genuine love for the brand. It's great accomplishment when you are able to successfully spread the word about your own brand, but it is truly an outstanding achievement when your customers are doing it for you.


How can you compete in a saturated market and be successful?

Easy, don't compete. Devise a brand experience unlike anything else. Create value with who you are, how you do it and why you do it. Evolve your brand into something so interesting and special that others cannot compete with you. When you successfully communicate your brand's story and the experience it is promising, what you offer cannot be duplicated.

Ask yourself what kind of relationship your customers currently have with your brand.

What can your customers say about your business or brand that they can't say about any other? Why should someone want to spend their time and money on what you are providing?

My goal is to help you turn your business into a complete brand experience that people want to be a part of, not just pieces and parts that have been put together to make the workings of a business.

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